Why in Kyrgyzstan introduced the CTP?

Why in Kyrgyzstan introduced the CTP?

Beginning in 2019, was marked by fierce debates on the introduction, February 7, 2019 CTP, in response to statements about the unwillingness of the law to force Gosfinnadzor openly said that the infrastructure is ready, presenting a clear rates and all required documentation, including developed by the insurance Contract (Policy). Ordinary citizens, frightened by the myths about the fabulous cost of insurance policies, desperately trying to figure out what gains or losses they promise innovation. Meanwhile, the history of the introduction of CTP has nearly ten years only in our country and almost a hundred years in the world.

First of all, we need to understand that it involves insurance is not car insurance, and the responsibility of the driver. If the driver was responsible for the accident, the repair costs of the car of the injured citizen and its treatment will pay the insurance company. The culprit will restore itself. If a person is injured in an accident, his expenses, respectively, will reimburse the insurer of the culprit.

Insurance is insurance, which need every citizen, every family. Every day each of us crossing the road, going on the sidewalk or on the side of the roadway. Our children, sisters, brothers, parents, relatives and friends, we are all interested in insurance, because it is liability insurance of the driver before us all. The driver buys insurance and insures its liability to all who may be affected. It is a guarantee that we will have the money that will get people from ; insurance companies to restore their health, to eliminate the effects of trauma.

The first attempt of the introduction of MTPL insurance, the company proposed to introduce in Kyrgyzstan back in 2010, then there were subsequent attempts to enter in 2013. The law was adopted in late 2015, but its implementation and introduction have been postponed, remains to adopt the regulations, rates, fines by Government Decree and put it into effect from February 7, 2016. However, the Parliament decided to postpone the introduction of insurance for a period of three years until February 7, 2019. The date is approaching, however, the society is still not formed a definite relation to the process of the introduction of CTP, many not entirely clear idea of its destination, hence there is a certain demonization of the image of insurance among the population of Kyrgyzstan. Several generations have grown up who do not realize the benefits of insurance, and have no idea why some types of insurance mandatory by state laws. The main task is to explain this to people.

The main reasons for the introduction of CTP - citizens, when part of their financial costs shifted to the shoulders of insurance companies, as well as improving the traffic situation – from car owners there is a strong motivation to drive more carefully because of trouble-free riding has a positive effect on the reduction of the cost of the insurance policy.

The society and the government constantly speaks of the need to improve the culture of driving, compliance with traffic rules, almost every year, the tougher penalties for traffic violations and finally, introduced the system of "Smart city". Many do not realize that the introduction of CTP is part of a large complex process improvement transport environment and comfortable stay in it every citizen. Without liability insurance, without the introduction of CTP can not be considered civilized on the transport processes. Attempts to delay the introduction of insurance has a detrimental effect on integration into the world community. The presence of CTP is a mandatory requirement when joining the Eurasian economic Union. By the way, Kyrgyzstan is the last state in the EAEC, which was not implemented CTP.

One of the reasons for delaying the introduction of the law on insurance in force is the unwillingness of the population to bear the additional costs, but the cost of insurance is not high, and if you consider the obvious benefits to ordinary citizens of Kyrgyzstan, to compare the size of payments of insurance companies in the event of an accident, it becomes clear that there is a substitution of concepts. Unwillingness to take responsibility does not mean the unavailability of a market or population.

All 2018 insurance market of Kyrgyzstan is actively preparing for the introduction of CTP ; currently defined are quite extensive list of insurance companies who are ready to buy the regulator of the insurance market of the license for insurance. It included a number of domestic insurance companies with extensive experience and guarantees in part the payment of insurance compensation, trusts the population of Kyrgyzstan.

As noted by the head of the State service of regulation and supervision of financial market Sanjar Mukanbetov: "Infrastructure for implementation of the project CTP ready. It makes no sense to move the dates".


What factors affect the change of the basic amount of insurance?

1. ;vehicle type (the greater the mass of the vehicle and the more powerful the engine, the more potential threat, consequently the cost of insurance grows)

In the calculations it is seen that the minimum fare for a small car from 1 680 to 2, 2 thousand soms per year, which is from 140 to 180 kgs in a month. It's only 5 kgs per day for the average driver for a guaranteed peace of mind and financial support in the event of an accident with him.

The cost of insurance for a small car is quite small, but if a person goes on a powerful jeep, it is logical that his insurance will cost more. But if the driver can afford to maintain a large powerful machine, which poses a great threat to others, it is logical that he will pay more. Under the maximum fares may also be subject to trucks and buses, it is justified because their presence on the road entails the greatest threat to life and health of citizens.

Recall that the CTP is introduced to protect victims in the accident, in other words, if you were injured in an accident, the insurance company which insured the driver who hit your car will compensate the damages for the harm your life or health of each victim. If You have suffered an injury, without disability, you will receive a refund ; in the amount of the actual costs of outpatient and (or) inpatient treatment, but not more than 100.00 thousand soms. In the case of disability the child – 100,00 thousand soms, disability ; the 3rd group in the amount of 100.00 thousand soms, the 2nd group – in the amount of 150.00 thousand soms, the 1st group – in the amount of 200,00 thousand soms. In the event of death of the victim the amount of payments will amount to 300,00 thousand soms.

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