Huawei Smartphone Insurance in Alma - Insurance is a great way to protect yourself from big expenses

Huawei Smartphone Insurance in Alma - Insurance is a great way to protect yourself from big expenses

Insurance of electronic gadgets in Kyrgyzstan is gaining its popularity, of course, that the capital residents are the first to try this new type of insurance for the country, this is due to economic factors - the population of Bishkek can more afford to buy a new smartphone compared to residents of the regions, so and social factors - residents of the capital are more aware of the benefits of insurance as such and the possibility of financial risks associated with sudden breakdowns of expensive electronics , from which the insurance policy can protect.

About a year ago, Alma Insurance Company began cooperation with HUAWEI, offering insurance services for smartphones and tablets purchased from authorized HUAWEI dealers in Kyrgyzstan. To use this type of insurance, clients must be between 18 and 70 years old, while the insurance policy can be purchased by both residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.

“We always try to offer the most favorable conditions for users of HUAWEI technology and we are doing our best to make people happy to buy our smartphones, ”commented Elena Lee, senior sales manager, official distributor of HUAWEI in Kyrgyzstan. - Now, few companies offer to purchase an insurance policy for the sold equipment, and we decided to be the first to actively offer customers to insure the equipment right at the time of purchase. There are many advantages to acquiring an insurance policy on a smartphone - you do not depend on the vicissitudes of life and accidents that may happen with your equipment, you just use it confidently, and in case of problems with the insured gadget, you are free to contact the insurance company. ”

< p> Insurance policy Alma-Insurance provides clients with insurance cover in case of damage resulting from the sudden termination of the insured smartphone or tablet, which does not allow it to work properly, as well as in the case of e, when there is need for repair and / or replacement of spare parts, as a consequence of damage to the display. In this case, all that is necessary for the owner of the insured equipment to do is contact the Alma Insurance Company within 3 working days from the moment of the insured event.

“We already have quite extensive experience in insurance of electronic gadgets, - comments Alexander Kravchenko, General Director of the insurance company Alma-Insurance. - After contacting customers on insurance claims, our agents very quickly draw up all the necessary documents and the inoperative smartphone is sent for repair to the company with which we work - to ABC Service Center. Repair, of course, is paid by our insurance company. ”

As noted in the service center - ABC Service Center, which serves customers who insured their gadget, very often the repair of breakdowns and damage to the insured equipment costs a very impressive amount, even cases of almost complete replacement of the smartphone, and it’s a great happiness for insurers that the cost of repair was fully paid by the insurance company, and not from their own pockets.

As commented by Elena Li, senior sales manager, officer HUAWEI branch distributor in Kyrgyzstan. the buyer can get insurance when buying a phone or tablet in the official HUAWEI store within a few minutes. “There are times when a smartphone buyer has not yet reached the age of majority, and he really wants to insure the purchase, this is a laudable desire for a young consumer, and we usually ask someone older to come so we can apply for a certificate for an insurance policy.”

At the moment, the smartphone insurance service is not so much in demand in Kyrgyzstan in comparison with countries with already established insurance traditions, but in the future we can safely predict that more and more people will insure their phones, because it’s really you odnaya and modern way to protect yourself from financial expenses to repair.

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