Responsibility "Alma-Insurance" on obligatory insurance of civil liability of perevozchika

Ответственность «Алма-Иншуренс» по обязательному страхованию гражданской ответственности перевозчико

C beginning of the year and on may 1, 2018 insurance company "Alma-Insurance" insured 2 762 legal and physical persons in the sum insured (limit of liability) 1 462,4 million soms, including on compulsory insurance of carriers before passengers is insured 244 legal and physical ; of persons for a total sum insured (limit of liability) 678,13 million soms.

After the entry into force in April-may of the prohibition of operation of vehicles without an insurance policy on compulsory civil liability insurance of carrier before passengers, the insurance market of the Kyrgyz Republic has received a good impulse to the further active development, the company said.

"Through April and may we are seeing increased interest in this type of insurance from drivers of taxis, minibuses and buses, the heads of organizations of road carriers, both from legal and physical persons working under the patent, - says General Director of insurance company "Alma - Insurance" ; Kravchenko Alexander - For carriers in the city or inside settlements insurance premium we have is approximately 137 soms per one passenger seat. And with intercity and international transport insurance premium is 205 kgs in a year for one passenger seat. The insurance company is responsible in the amount of 300.0 thousand som for a single passenger seat and 10.0 thousand kgs for baggage. This insurance is only a symbolic fee for the driver, if we take into account the peace and comfort that accrue to the driver as a result of insurance, not to mention the financial protection of passengers. ;

However, not all drivers understand the proposed government insurance, considering it almost a new hidden "veiled" tax to replenish the state budget. We also observe this trend when drivers start to take off and hide in the trunk of the attributes belonging to the taxi, such as light ("checkers") on the roof of the car and think of other ways to escape their responsibilities to the inspector and other inspection bodies. ; However, they continue to engage in the transportation of passengers and take their money.

It should be noted that this type of compulsory insurance – compulsory liability insurance of carriers of passengers is primarily taking care of the passengers whom the carrier is obliged to transport from the landing and deliver to the final place of discharge. Thus, the state takes responsibility for the passengers with the driver while in transport and transfers it to the third party insurance company. Upon the occurrence of the insured event the passenger, if the case is fixed on the traffic police, the insurance company will make payments to the passenger the amount of the actual damage.

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