Accident insurance of driver and passengers.

Most of the car owners once they have protected their automobile don’t even think about their safety and safety of passengers, that are more valuable than any “iron horse”. Accidents insurance for drivers and passengers ensures real finance protection.

Why do you need an insurance?

Alma Insurance offers to insure a driver and passengers in the vehicle against accidents. By the accident a sudden incident (Road accident, fire, damage from the bounced or fallen object, natural disaster) implied, entailed injury, disability or death of passenger / driver in a transport vehicle.

Against which risks one can secure oneself?

Agreement of accident insurance of driver and passengers in transportation vehicle can be concluded in pursuance of one of the below listed variants:

  • Death as a result of the accident;
  • Death and disability as a result of the accident;
  • Death, disability and injury as a result of the accident.

3 reasons to purchase insurance:

  1. Failure to follow the traffic rules increases a risk to get into the road accident and get injured;
  2. Cost of the policy is much lower than the cost of the treatment;
  3. If an injured is the only breadwinner of the family – the policy makes it possible to avoid great financial problems for the whole family during temporally loss of work capacity.
To take out insurance:

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