CASCO insurance(for legal)

Motor-vehicle pool insurance for legal entities can include all risks, connected with transports vehicles, owned by the company.

What can be insured:

  • Cars, tracks and other kinds of transport vehicles;
  • Additional equipment. Additional equipment is the equipment and accessories, either not being a complete set of automobile, stipulated by manufacturing plant, or recognized as additional equipment by agreement of the parties.

Alma Insurance company suggests to insure your vehicle against:

CASCO insurance(for legal)
CASCO insurance(for legal)
  • Road accident;
  • Fire;
  • CASCO insurance(for legal)
    CASCO insurance(for legal)
  • Damages caused by a rebound or fallen object;
  • Natural disasters;
  • CASCO insurance(for legal)
    CASCO insurance(for legal)
  • Malicious acts of third persons;
  • Car theft.
  • Insurance company “Alma - Insurance” reimburses:

    Alma Insurance covers:

    • Necessary and expedient costs bearded by the Client to salvage insured transport vehicle, and prevent and / or decrease loss, determination of its size;
    • Costs for transportation of the damaged transport vehicle to the nearest repair shop, unless it is in working order;
    • Costs for purchase and delivery of spare parts and materials, necessary for fulfilment of repair subject to costs for packaging, customs fees and taxes;
    • Costs for renewal, connected with insured event, subject to applicable technology, prices for spare parts, materials and works;
    • Costs, connected with elimination of hidden damages and defects, disclosed during repair, which caused by this insured event and confirmed documentary.
    To take out insurance:

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