Property insurance(private)

Why do we need this policy? Each person has the need for its security. For many, private property is a guarantee of security, personal strength and the place where the warmth and comfort of home. But even in the modern world our home exposed to many risks. But private property is not cheap. And the most reliable and economical way to protect yourself from unplanned expenses is a contract of property insurance. What can be insured? - apartment house - townhouse - any structures on the land You can insure against property? Fire; Natural disasters; Water damage from plumbing, sewage, heating systems, fire suppression systems and air conditioning systems, including water damage as a result of the Gulf from the neighbors; Explosion of steam boilers, gas storage facilities, pipelines, machinery, apparatus and other similar devices; Of a home invasion robbery and robbery; Fight of windowpanes, mirrors and show-Windows; Malicious acts of third parties.
Property insurance(private)
Property insurance(private)
Natural disasters
Property insurance(private)
Property insurance(private)
Water damage
Explosions of steam boilers
Property insurance(private)
Property insurance(private)
Fight of windowpanes
Insurance company “Alma - Insurance” reimburses:

Property insurance possible at the property or of individual objects:

  1. supporting structures (walls, partitions, roof, etc.);
  2. interior decoration (wall coverings, floor and ceiling, closets, fireplaces, furnaces, Windows, doors) and engineering equipment (internal and external systems of electricity, water and gas supply, Sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning);
  3. movable property (furniture, equipment, personal property, especially valuable items, etc. can also be included in the contract of insurance of property (real estate).
To take out insurance:
Property insurance(private)
Property insurance(private)
Property insurance(private)

3 reasons to purchase a insurance policy:

1. To compensate possible loss:

If your apartment or property suffered resulting from insured event, we shall pay you money compensation, which will help you to make repair and minimize your loos.

2. In order not to lose the dwelling:

If you have completely insured your apartment for a real value (including constructive elements), then upon recognition of it uninhabitable due to insured event, you will receive monetary funds for purchase of analogous dwelling.

3. Profitable insurance conditions:

Discount system and different variants of insurance allow you to work out your individual insurance policy.

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