Airline liability insurance for airlines (legal entities)

Every aircraft is the source of increased danger. Its operation is connected with a risk of bodily injury infliction to third parties or with cause of harm injury to their property.

A human not always can foresee what can become a source of danger to the ambient people. Thus, a harm to third parties can be injured both by parts of the air transportation by its explosion, and its objects, fallen out it. exactly therefore it is customary all over the world to insure liability of air carriers.

What can be insured under the agreement of insurance:

  • liability for cause of harm to life, health and property to the third parties;
  • liability for cause of harm to cargo, luggage, belongings to a passenger (luggage);
  • liability for cause of harm to life and health to a passenger.

From which events a liability can be insured:

Insurance company “Alma - Insurance” reimburses:
  • losses resulting from cause of harm to life and health of third parties, property owned by them, if the indicated harm is caused directly by the insured aircraft;
  • payment of indemnifications in the event of death or bodily injuries, caused to passengers, being on board of the insured aircraft, during boarding to the aircraft, air conveyance or going out the aircraft;
  • payments of indemnifications for destruction, loss or damage of registered luggage, cargo, as well as destruction, loss or damage of objects by a passenger.

Policy validity:

  • during air conveyance;
  • during boarding to the aircraft and going out of it.
To take out insurance:

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