Air CASCO insurance

Aircrafts maintenance – is expensive and troublesome matter. It is impossible to foresee all possible problems and avoid large investments to repair and purchase of spare parts. A policy of aircrafts insurance will help you to minimize costs.

What can be insured under the agreement of insurance:

  • aircraft, including spare parts and special equipment, installed on board.

From which events an aircraft can be insured:

Period of insurance:

  • for a time of regular operation of aircraft;
  • for a time of ferry;
  • for a time of safe custody;
  • for a time of demonstrational and special flights.
Air CASCO insurance
Air CASCO insurance
Spare parts and special equipment, installed on board.
Insurance company “Alma - Insurance” reimburses:
  • full (actual or constructive) death or damage of aircraft during flight, operation, being on earth or water;
  • missing of aircraft;
  • necessary and expediently incurred expenses for decrease of loss size, rescue, protection and transportation of insured aircraft to the nearest repair place.
To take out insurance:

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