Voluntary insurance of motor liability (individuals)

What is VMTPLI?

VMTPLI – is a voluntary insurance of civil liability of car owners, under which you can insure your liability on the road against third persons.

Wherefore the VMTPLI policy is needed?

VMTPLI policy allows independently choosing and fixing limits of insurance liability against injured party in the road accident. This decreases risk of necessity to pay the deficient amount at one\'s own cost and expense. Now even collision with an expensive automobile will not seem to you the end of the world.

Main reason for the VMTPLI policy purchase:

By purchasing the VMTPLI policy you secure yourself from large problems in road traffic accident. In this situation, our insurance company will pay to the injured in the insured event caused by you instead of you within the frameworks of the insurance limit.

What is the difference between VMTPLI and CASCO?

To take out insurance:
It is important to know:

CASCO and VMTPLI are different kinds of insurance:

  • CASCO – voluntary insurance of an automobile itself for the case of damages of various causes (insured events), as well as for the case of its theft / thievery or destruction;
  • VMTPLI – voluntary insurance of civil liability of car owner, i.e. under VMTPLI only harm, caused due to RTA is indemnified, and the one getting the indemnity is the injured by VMTPLI policy holder.

Both policies are complementary to each other and ensure total protection of one’s automobile and liability for the caused harm through one’s fault.

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