CASCO insurance

Automobile for most of us is more than just a vehicle; it is an embodiment of comfort and family welfare, our favorite child. Automobile provides us with a freedom of move and comfort, gives us possibility to set off on a visit, to picnics out of the town, to any necessary place at a desired time. Having bought a car once, we cannot imagine our life without it. Thus, it is much harder to undergo the inconvenience, resulting from unforeseen incidents with an automobile.

Alma Insurance company offers to insure your vehicle by CASCO in order to secure yourself from financial and timing expenditures, connected with damage of your automobile.

What is CASCO?

Cа́sco — is an insurance of motor vehicle against any physical damage.

What can be insured?

  • Automobiles, trucks and other kinds of transport vehicles;
  • Additional equipment. Additional agreement means the equipment and accessories, weather not being a part of automobile knitting, stipulated by the manufacturing plant, or recognized as additional equipment by agreement of the parties. Additional equipment also comprises so-called “automobile tuning” (aerographics, moulded wheel disks, sport dodgers, spoilers, etc.).

From which risks one’s transport vehicle can be insured?

Alma Insurance indemnifies:

  • Necessary and expedient costs bearded by the Client to salvage insured transport vehicle, to prevent and / or decrease loss, determination of its size;
  • Costs for transportation of the damaged transport vehicle to the nearest repair shop, unless it is in working order;
  • Costs for purchase and delivery of spare parts and materials, necessary for fulfilment of repair subject to costs for packaging, customs fees and taxes;
  • Costs for renewal, connected with insured event, subject to applicable technology, prices for spare parts, materials and works;
  • Costs, connected with elimination of hidden damages and defects, disclosed during repair, which caused by this insured event and confirmed documentary.

3 reasons to purchase an insurance policy:

  1. No need to pay for a car repair from one’s own pocket. If your automobile is damaged due to insured event, your insurance company covers the repair.
  2. To compensate one’s loss in case of car theft. Indemnity is accomplished within the insurance amount, determined under the insurance agreement.
  3. To get a financial indemnity in case of the total loss. Total loss of the vehicle is the situation, when cost of reconditioning repair is equal or more 75% of the insured value of the automobile.

What is the difference between CASCO and VMTPLI (Voluntary motor third-party liability insurance) policies?

CASCO and VMTPLI are different kinds of insurance:

  • CASCO – voluntary insurance of an automobile itself for the case of damages of various causes (insured events), as well as for the case of its theft / thievery or destruction;
  • VMTPLI – voluntary insurance of civil liability of car owner, i.e. under VMTPLI only harm, caused due to road accident is indemnified, and the one getting the indemnity is the injured by VMTPLI policy holder.

Both policies are complementary to each other and ensure total protection of one’s automobile and liability for the caused harm through one’s fault.

CASCO insurance