All risks property

Under the insurance contract for property against fire and other hazards, an insurance cover is provided against specific d risks listed in the contract: fire, explosion, natural disasters, illegal actions of third parties, etc. However, real life can always present an unpleasant surprise.

That is why under the insurance contract FROM ALL RISKS losses from loss, death or damage to the insured property are compensated, as a result of any sudden and unforeseen impact, except for cases stipulated by the contract.

The set of exceptions from the insurance cover is determined by Alma Insurance company, based on the specifics of the Client\'s activities, but the contract covers a wider range of possible adverse events compared to the insurance contract for fire and other hazards.

What can be insured under the agreement of insurance against all risks?

  • buildings, constructions (including premises at cost of finishing and repair);
  • engineering services, equipment of main and auxiliary productions;
  • office and trade equipment, toolware and inventory, furniture;
  • trade stock of materials, raw materials, semi-products in process, ready products, products for sale, on holding;
  • other property.
All risks property