Insurance of professional liability

Insurance of professional liability in any sphere is a reliable and civilized mechanism of damage indemnification, caused by mistaken actions.

Insured events:

Insured event is the acknowledged fact of causation of harm to life, health and / or property of third parties by the Insured (employees of the Insured) during the insurance agreement validity, if the indicated harm caused in the result of unintended errors and / or neglects, committed or assumed by the Insured (employees of the Insured), professional liability of which is insured.

Alma Insurance company accomplishes insurance of the following kind of professional activity:

  • notarial practice;
  • medical practice;
  • juridical practice;
  • security activity;
  • realtors activity;
  • customs brokers activity;
  • auditors activity;
  • architects acitvity;
  • appraisers activity;
  • other kinds of professional activity.
Insurance of professional liability